your digital assets.

Find cybersecurity weaknesses in your digital infrastructure to prevent costly data breaches.

Find and fix all security weaknesses

Attacker Focused

we look for vulnerabilities from the attackers perspective


We combine world-class cybersecurity expertise with a deep understanding of business needs

Find the Problem

Fixing security issues requires you find them. Identify the issue and re-mediate the risk

Web App Pen Testing

Cloud Security

Mobile App
Pen Testing

Pen Testing

Bug Sentinel Penetration Testing Methodology

Onboarding clients

Onboarding clients

The Bug Sentinel team will determine the full scope with the client. Our methodical approach promotes teamwork and accelerates the process.
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Executing Penetest

Executing Penetest

We started attacking vulnerabilities and known weak points, in addition to reviewing every corner where attackers could attack. We perform this step with the utmost care to protect both the system and your data.
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Remediation of Vulnerabilities

Remediation of Vulnerabilities

We collect all the information obtained and provide the client with a comprehensive report. We also include comprehensive recommendations to help the company and IT team make logical decisions regarding system security.
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Secure your application

Find vulnerabilities that an automated pentest can't find.

bs pentest

Keep Your Business Secure

Secure your existing technology allowing your business to grow under the best standards.


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