We insure your assets.

Leveraging our experience, integrated resources and advanced technologies, we create turnkey solutions throughout the value chain.

About us

Expert team

We founded Bug sentinel with the aim of protecting the most vital assets of your company. We combine world-class cybersecurity expertise with a deep understanding of business needs, risk mitigation, regulatory and legal compliance, to safeguard and protect your organization.


Integral solution

All organizations have critical IT assets that need 24-hour protection. Bug Sentinel helps keep your data and IT assets safe.

Keeping your data safe starts with a strong cybersecurity strategy and the systematic implementation of best practices.

 Our cybersecurity platform offers continuous and seamless protection to customers, no matter where the infrastructure resides

Let our experts simulate an attack on your network to show you its weaknesses (and how to strengthen them).

We build safe systems

Our services

Cybersecurity Consulting

We mitigate risks by taking advantage of technology, people and their processes.

Vulnerability assessment

We identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure before a compromise occurs

Secure IT infrastructure

We protect infrastructure from attacks, damage or unauthorized access.

Cloud Security

We have 360 cloud security solutions for your entire infrastructure. 24/7 monitoring

Security of the information

We implement information security policies based on your requirements

Endpoint protection

We protect endpoints or entry points of end-user devices

Penetration Test

Learn about your vulnerabilities and how attackers could exploit them.


We provide a comprehensive approach to privacy management making the most of limited resources.


Tailor-made solutions

We understand your unique needs.

Every company and every industry is different. Regulations and compliance requirements vary. Threat actors may have special tactics depending on the type of company. Learn about our solutions for companies in different industries and work with Bug Sentinel to stay protected.



While some threats are global, many industries are forced to defend against specific, vertical threats.

Protect financial records and ensure compliance with threat detection and response services.

Create cybersecurity programs that can defend highly complex network architectures against the most sophisticated cyberattacks.

Ensure the security of citizens' sensitive data and assets at a fraction of the cost of developing in-house facilities.

Earn consumer trust and loyalty by ensuring the security of your data.

Stay ahead of threats with cost-effective security solutions and services that ensure visibility and control in complex environments.

Stay safe from constant cyberattacks with services and solutions that reduce attacks and quickly contain threats.

Take a proactive approach to cybersecurity that better protects complex IT infrastructure, sensitive data, smart medical devices, and helps you comply with regulations.

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